Aya and Zoe

Make your own cute doll and zebra today!

Please note;

This pattern is not the one I usually use for my dolls, it’s a different one I designed especially for you.

Eventhough the pattern will work on your mobile device 

it will be easier to use on your PC.



Hi! my name is Aya and this is my best friend in the world, Zoe.

We are inseperable and can't wait to be made by your magical hands and meet our new bff. 

 I'm also wearing the cutest crochet dress so you don't need any fancy sewing skills or sewing mashine to make me. Depending on what yarn you like to use I can be 10" or 2"  tall. The patterns to make us are very detailed and have lots of pictures in them to make your job really easy.

          pattern for doll Aya 6.5$

Pattern for zebra Zoe 4.5$

You will receive your downloadable PDF. pattern by email shortly after purchasing

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