Free 20" giraffe pattern!

Just look at this cutie! Quick grab your yarn and hook

and start making this precious giraffe friend today!

Tip: use a marker to indicate the beginning of your rows. It will make counting so much easier
This is an Amigurumi pattern . They are almost always worked in the round , beginning with a magic ring or loop

Sc- single crochet
Sc3tog-single crochet 3 together
Inc-increase stitch ( by stitching into the same loop twice)
Hdc-half double crochet
Dc-double crochet
Slst-slip stitch

You will need:
Dk yarn in red, pink, white, light teal and light green . Please feel free to use any yarn you like , you could also use scraps .
A matching hook, I used 3,25mm/D
A pair of safety eyes or black yarn if your project is for a baby
A needle for attaching all your separate pieces and sewing in threads
Start with red yarn and make a magic loop or ring

Heart antlers: make2
R1:5sc in ring
R2:inc 5 times (10st)
Don't cast off yet, set aside

Make a second piece like this one.
Connect both pieces by picking up both loops and making one stitch. Sc back into that st.

Use your stitch marker to indicate the beginning of your rows.
R4:sc around both pieces (25st)
R8:dec1sc3,dec1,sc4,sc3tog,sc4,dec1,sc3,dec1 (19st)
R10:dec1, sc2, dec1, sc2, sc3tog, sc2, dec1, sc2, dec1 (13st)
Don't cast off
Continue with pink yarn
Change to red yarn
Change to pink yarn
Change to red yarn
Cast off leaving a long tail for sewing on, stuff and set aside

Ears: make 2
Chain 4 with pink yarn
R1:sc3,sc3 in st of chain,sc3 on opposite side
R2:sc3 in first st,sc3,sc3 in next st,sc4
R3:sc3 in first st,sc6,sc3 in next st,sc5
R4:sc2,sc3 in next st,sc7,sc3 in next st, sc6(21 st)
R5:sc3,sc3 in next st,sc9,sc3 in next st, sc7(25 st)
Cast off. Leaving a long tail for sewing . Don't stuff.

Start with magic ring or loop in light teal
R1: sc6 in loop
R2: inc1 in every st (12st)
R3: sc1, inc1 (18st)
R4: sc2,inc1 (24st)
R5:(sc4,inc1)*,sc4 (28st)
R6:(sc5,inc1)*,sc4 (32st)
Change color to white
R11: sc5 (sc1,inc1)*11 times, sc5 (43st)
R12: sc43
R13: sc5(sc1,inc1)*16 times, sc6 (59st)
R14-R22: sc59
R23: (sc10,dec1)*4 times, sc11 (55st)
R24: sc55
R25: (sc8,dec1)*5 times, sc5 (50st)
R26: sc50
Take care to stuff before your opening becomes to narrow!
And attach eyes between R10 and 11, about 8 stitches apart .
R27: (sc6,dec1)* till you have 21st
Keep doing (Sc3,dec1)* till you have 8st left.
stuff some more .
Pull yarn through and close.

Start with magic loop or ring in pink
R1:sc6 in ring
R2:inc in every st(12st)
R3: sc1,inc1 (18st)
R4: sc2,inc1 (24st)
R5:(sc4,inc1)*,sc4 (28st)
R6:(sc5,inc1)*,sc4 (32st)
R7:(sc5,inc1)*,sc2 (37st)
R8:(sc5,inc1)*,sc1 (42st)
R9:(sc6,inc1)*,sc1 (49st)
R10: sc6,inc1 (56st)
R11-R22: sc56
R23: sc5 (sc1,dec1)*repeat 15 times, sc6
R24-R30: sc41
Stuff before opening becomes to narrow!
R31:(sc3,dec1)*8 times,sc1(33st)
R32:(sc3,dec1)*6 times,sc3(27st)
R33:(sc2,dec1)*6 times,sc3(21st)
R34:change to green,sc21 for 3R

Continue on the body part.
sc21 alternating 3R pink , 3R green , 7 times. Cast off. Leave a long thread for sewing
You might want to insert a stick so your head doesn't become floppy.

Legs: make 2
Start with a loop or magic circle in red
R1: sc6 in loop
R2: inc1 in every st (12st)
R3: sc1, inc1 (18st)
R4: sc2, inc1 (24st)
R5: (sc3, inc1)* (30st)
R6-R12: sc30
R13: (sc3, dec1)* (24st)
Change color to turquoise
R14: (sc3, dec1)*, sc4 (20st)
R15-R17: sc20
Change to red
R18-R21: sc20
Change to turquoise
R22-R25: sc20
Change to red
R26-R29: sc20
Change to turquoise
R30-R33: sc20
Stuff, cast off and leave a long tail for sewing

Arms: make 2
Chain 4 with green
R1:sc3 on one side of chain,sc3 in next st, sc3 on opposite side of chain(9st)
R2:sc3 in first st,sc3,sc3 in next st,sc4(13st)
R3:sc3 in first st,sc all around(15st)
Change color to pink
Change to green
Repeat these 8 rows 2 more times
Stuff lightly

Finishing :
Connect legs to bottom of body , making sure your giraffe can sit. Sew The arms to base of neck .

Head on top of neck . Attach Ears on sides of head making sure you like how your giraffe looks

before you sew them on and your beautiful heart antlers just in front of the ears.

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