I just got out of a thesis meeting and was looking for something to cheer me up.  As soon as I saw them, I started crying.  They are INCREDIBLE, and I cannot wait to be able to hold them and love them.  Thank you so much.  Please send me another payment request so I can give you everything you deserve.

You are an absolute angel, and I am so excited to give these to Tom.

Thank you again, I have no idea how to thank you enough.



Hi Nathalie

I just received the dolls and tears streamed down my face. I still can’t believe you made a lookalike of the cow fluffy that I have and it means so much...

Of course the dolls is fantastic and so are all her beautiful outfits! You truly have a gift and I can’t thank you enough!


I hope you will be able to create for me again someday!!



"Hi Nathalie,

I’ve just returned from a business trip yesterday and found the doll delivered to my office.

I was really astonished how beautiful in reality it is!

It’s much more beautiful that pictures.

My sister, gift recipient, fell in love with it at the first sight, she’s really really happy with her birthday gift this year.

I’ll be sending you pictures of my sister with her doll soon.

And I’ll be contacting you for the second doll soon as well."


"Thank you so much!! I got the dolls today and it was everything I had dreamed of. You are indeed super talented!! :)"

"OH MY GOSH!!!!!  Nathalie - these are absolute PERFECTION!!!!  I cannot wait to give them to our granddaughters. You are TRULY AMAZING!!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart"

"I just got the dolls in the mail today, and they are even better in person! They’re so soft and loveable, I can tell you put a lot of time and heart into making them. Thank you so very much, my boyfriend is going to see them on Friday, so I’ll send you some pictures of us with them (so you can post and tag us on Facebook and Instagram). Thank you thank you thank you again so much. 


Pattern Reviews

" I loved the pattern! It was easy to follow

honestly and I'm just a beginner crocheter.

I love everything you do. I wish you had patterns for everything lol. I can't wait for more patterns of yours so I can purchase!"

"Finish... thank you... Beautiful pattern"

"Hi again!  Just wanted to share with you that I DID it!  :) So happy with the results - although I’m glad I made a “prototype” because I feel I’ll be more successful with some pieces of it, now knowing what I’m doing, with the “real” dolls I’m going to now make for my 2-year old granddaughter with your pattern.  Thanks so much for sharing your creativity - I’ve tried something I’ve never done before and love it.  I still need to find some eye lashes (our local Joann’s didn’t have them) and give her a little nose.  


" I made by myself four mermaids thanks to Nathalie's dolls pattern and is very well explained and easy to follow (while I am French and don't speak very well English) I highly recommend it!"

"Hi dear Natahalie! 

We just received our dolls and they’re beyond wonderful! 

We absolutely love every detail of them and they’re so soft and smell so nice! 

They can move and stay in the position we put them, they can even stand alone! 

Thank you so much, you’re crazy talented and I’m enthusiast and grateful. 


    Martina "

"He has arrived safe and sound. Such a happy mail indeed. Thank you so much Nathalie! (The knee pads!!!). I'll definitely be a return customer."

"Nathalie, the dolls were just delivered and they are even more gorgeous in person!!! Thank you so much for making us look like "grandparents of the year"!!! I'll send pictures of the girls with their beautiful dolls."

"Thank you!!! My husband was so surprised and asked why I didn't get him one too. LOL I'm like "WE can SHARE"

"I literally cried tears of happiness when I saw these. I cannot wait to give Addison such aspecial gift. You are truly talented! My only problem is being able to wait till May LOL! Thank you again Nathalie, you out did yourself"

"I'm going to cherish these forever!I love the small details, like eyelashes, blush on the cheeks and the removable shoes. How cute! you're amazing at what you do!"

"The doll came in today! She's even more beautiful in person!"

"Oh my gosh you did amazing! Ilove them all. Can't wait to get them.These will be perfect for their Easter baskets! Thank you again, I need to order a doll soon."

"I love that they are the same size. He will be sleeping with his giraffe every night. Thank you so much for making this special gift for Albie"

"Evynn loves her Nathalie's Dolls original. I highly recommend Nathalie's Sweet Stitches. This doll is 24" tall and perfect in every way!"

"Thank you so much Nathalie! Best NEW BABY present ever!"

"just received the doll this morning! When i opened the bag i had so many emotions! You did such a beautiful job. Thank you so much for your hard work and the details are amazing. I can't wait to show my niece a beautiful doll made to commemorate her grandmother. Thank you so much Nathalie! I will definitely be ordering again"

"You're the best! Thank you so much.We adore our amigurumi doll'

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