superhero doll patterns

 I created “Watch over you dolls” to help children (and adults) all over the world overcome little or larger fears of everyday life, such as being afraid of going to sleep, going through cancer treatments, going to the dentist or doctor, moving to a new home or school, having trouble making new friends,… The size of the doll is just right to be held or tucked in a bag so your superhero friend can always be by your side. Each superhero has different powers and comes with her own little helper and mini tote bag, because even superhero's need a little help sometimes. So if you’re creating her for yourself or someone who needs a little magic, just pick up your hook and pour some extra love into your stitches to make those powers really strong.

Luna 9" and her little helper Nana 3"


This crochet pattern is for Luna and her little helper Nana, they have special night powers and can chase away bad dreams and fear of the dark.

Amber 9" and her little helper Bea 3"


This crochet pattern is for Amber and her little friend Bea, they have special friendship powers and will be there when someone you love moves to a new house or school.

Bianca 9" and her little helper Una 3"


This special unicorn superhero has been created to give strength and courage to anyone who is going through cancer treatments.

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